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As we don't all look like uniform robots (yet), there is an endless possibility of shapes and sizes out there - and sometimes we just don't fit any size chart!

If you would like your corset tailored to your measurements, that is absolutely no problem. I will draft a pattern that is uniquely for you. 

Plus: If you love your corset and ever want to order another one you don't have to pay this fee twice. I'll keep your pattern safe and it will be ready if we need it again. 


Please pay attention to the sizes! To guarantee a flawless fit, you should compare your measurements with the chart in the last picture.

Don’t get corsets a size smaller than you’d usually go for to make it fit really tight, a waist reduction and lacing gap is already included in the finished product.

If you are unsure about the sizes, please feel free to ask. I am happy to help! Also, made-to-measure is always an option <3

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