The path of a custom garment


You'll send me a message giving me all the information about your dream garment. The more detail the better. When we've discussed everything we need I can place you on my waiting list. The first step is done!


Once we get started, I will ask for a small deposit so I can start working on your design. I will also source out your fabrics, always keeping in mind your wishes and rechecking with you until the final concept is done.


The patterndrafting can begin! I'll provide you with a list of measurements I need to make your garment fit perfectly. There might be a fitting involved, but in most cases we can deal with anything without a long travel.


Now the time has finally come, your garment is in the making! With high attention to detail and love in every stitch your dream will come to life. If you'd like me to I will give you updates on how it is going and once everything is finished, the garment will be shipped over to you! Amazing!

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